Linguistic Minority Institution

Story Telling Competition

Mar 15, 2012

A story telling competition for languages was held on 14th March, Wednesday at 9.50 a.m with great enthusiasm. The competition was categorised into three language groups, Hindi, Tamil and Kannada. The judges for the competition were Mrs.Geetha and our principal madam Mrs.Jayanthi. The competition began with the performance of the  Class V students followed by Class IV & III. The participants used props for their presentations.  Students of class II, Pranav, Shiv and Lochana gave a wonderful presentation on rubber though they were not part of the competition. In the end Mrs.Geetha addressed the students and shared some valuable suggestions to improve their story telling capabilities. Our Principal madam presented a memento as a token of appreciation to our judge. She also announced the results and distributed certificates to the participants.


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